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Southern Marin Fire Announces List of Accomplishments from Community Wildfire Protection Plan


This Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) provides a scientifically based assessment of wildfire threat in the wildland urban interface (WUI) of Marin County, California. This CWPP was developed through a collaborative process involving Marin County fire agencies, county officials, county, state,

and federal land management agencies, and community members.  It was orignally adopted in 2016 and each year goals and objectives are update.

The Southern Marin Fire District's 2019 accomplishments for the five goals listed in the adotped CWPP are as follows:

Goal 1 – Continue to identify and evaluate wildland fire hazards and recognize life, property, and natural resource assets at risk, including watershed, wildlife habitat, and other values of functioning ecosystems.

  • • Identified and mapped out 28 potential fuel breaks on Marin Maps for Sausalito, Mill Valley, Alto, Tamalpais Valley, Tiburon, Strawberry, Homestead Valley.
  • • Utilizing Emergency Reporting Systems (ERS) supporting Defensible Space Inspection data entry for Fire Inspectors.
  • • Research and development underway for fire prevention drone program (fuels modeling, home assessments, and fuel breaks).
  • • Met with representatives from Tam Community Services District (TCSD) and assisted with the grant proposal process for vegetation maintenance along Shoreline Highway in Tam Valley.
  • • Conducted several neighborhood assessments for (Alturas Way; Cecilia Ct; Central Ave; Walsh Dr; De Silva Island, culverts/draws-Pixie Trails, Upper Pixie Trails, Cowboy Rock, Wellesley Ave, Carrera Dr) to point out and discuss concerns and appropriate homeowner actions to improve a property’s defensible space and a structure’s fire resistance (home hardening).
  • • Created a detailed risk analyst of one particular neighborhood by conducting assessments of almost 200 parcels on Marin Drive & adjacent roads as part of a USFS grant awarded to TCSD.

Goal 2 – Articulate and promote the concept of land use planning related to fire risk and individual landowner objectives and responsibilities.

  • • Completed the first evacuation drill for Northern Sausalito to educate and help prepare residents for a disaster.
  • • Fire Prevention Staff attended an NFPA class "Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire” to help better understand structural ignitability and home hardening.
  • • Increased community awareness of red flag days, power outages, and other hazards through SMFD social-media accounts.
  • • Developed a chipper program to help reduce the cost of vegetation removal for residents in the District.
  • • Created the SMFD Vegetation Management Plan brochure which outlines our strategies, services, and programs for fuel reduction.
  • • Created an evacuation brochure detailing temporary refuge areas (TRA) and evacuation routes. These brochures were distributed to residents within the District.
  • • Supported TCSD chipper program which resulted in participation from 380 parcels resulting in the removal of 480 cubic yards of chipped material.

Goal 3 – Support and continue to participate in the collaborative development and implementation of wildland fire protection plans and other local, county, and regional plans that address fire protection and landowner objectives.

  • • Conducted hazard assessments on two homes for insurance cancelations.
  • • Provided commitment letters to assist Homestead Valleys Land Trust (HVLT) Firewise group to secure its 2nd, 2-years USFS / CFSC Grant.
  • • Supported two community outreach programs/presentations for residents in TCSD area.
  • • Provided data input for the USFS grant awarded (in Feb. 2019) to TCSD.

Goal 4 – Increase awareness, knowledge, and actions implemented by individuals and communities to reduce human loss and property damage from wildland fires, such as defensible space and fuels reduction activities, and fire prevention through fire safe building standards.

  • • Conducted 200 individual home assessment site visits to educate property owners about defensible space and wildfire preparedness.
  • • Distributed educational brochures on wildfire preparedness to residents during site visits throughout the year.
  • • Provided support to Homestead Valley Land Trust (HVLT) Firewise to secure its fifth consecutive Firewise USA accreditation.
  • • Assisted Alto Sutton Firewise with multiple home assessments to help determine the fire hazard priority related to the removal of juniper. The removal was then funded by a PG&E grant.
  • • Held 15 defensible space, Wildland-Urban Interface, and Firewise presentations throughout the District.
  • • Conducted 952 defensible space inspections in the District.
  • • Conducted 27 vacant lot defensible space inspections to meet wildland-urban interface code requirements.
  • • Developed a Vegetation Management website which has information on the fire districts programs and services related to defensible space and home hardening.
  • • Provided support with home assessments and assisted with multiple action plans for neighborhoods in the district. This was to support the growth of several new Firewise Community/Sites. There have been four new communities approved this year (The Terraces, Alto Sutton, Flying Y Ranch, Lower Edgewood).
  • • Provided neighborhood assessments, presentations, and community meetings that assisted the renewal of two Firewise sites/communities: Tam Valley (second year) and Marinview for 2020
  • • Standardized address placards by using reflective materials and contrasting colors in addition to providing ease of ordering on SMFD's website.

Goal 5 – Integrate fire and fuels management practices with landowner priorities and multiple jurisdictional efforts within local, state and federal responsibility areas.

  • • Paved road fuel reduction in the following zones:
  • • Zone 1 - Atwood Ave, Booker Ave, Bulkely Ave, Cable Roadway, Central Ave, Channing Way, Cloudview Circle, Cloudview Rd, Crescent Ave, Edwards Ave, Edwards Ave, Excelsior Ln, Fourth St, Harrison Ave, Josephine Ave, Lower Crescent, Main St, Marion Ave, Miller Ave, Miller Ln, North St, Princess St, Prospect Ave, Read Ln, Richardson St, San Carlos Ave, Santa Rosa Ave, Sausalito Blvd, Second St, South St.
  • • Zone 4 - Sequoia Valley Rd, Walsh Dr, Amaranth Blvd, Castle Rock Dr, Edgewood Ave, Douglas Ave, Cedarwood Ln, Tamalpais Dr, Charles Ln, Madrone Park Circle, Ferndale Ave, Rydal Ave, North Ferndale Ave, Wickham Dr, Curry Ln, Chapman Rd, Brabo Terrace, Princess Ln, Rhonda Way, Centro Way, West California, Alturas Way, California Ave, Columbia Ave, Carolyn Ln, Morning Sun, Stadium, McRae Rd, Gibson Ave, Helen Ave, Ventura
  • • Zone 9 - Bay Vista Rd, Birdsnest Ln, Bluebird Ln, Central Dr, Creekside Way, Crystal Court, Eagle Rock Rd, Grace Ln, Heila Way, Lomita Dr, Meadow Dr, North Knoll, Patricia Ln, Plaza Dr, Shell Court, Shell Rd, Sky Rd, Thomas Dr, Tower Lane, Walker St.• Cleared 22.1 miles of road through the Paved Road Fuel Reduction program. Chipper Weeks:• Zone 1 - Sacramento Ave, Spring Hill Circle, Spring St, Stanford, Tomales St, Wateree St, West Harbor Dr, William Court, Willow Ln, Gordon St, Kendell Court, Lincoln Dr, Marin Ave, Nevada St, Olima St, Pearl St, Rodeo Ave, Ross Rd• Zone 4 - Cardinal Court, Cardinal Rd, Flamingo Rd, Bell Ln, Enterprise Concourse, Villa Garden Dr, Tennessee Valley Rd, Headlands Ave, Tennessee Glen Way, Countyview Dr, Bristol Place, Deer Trail Ln, View Park Court, Carrera Dr, Ashton Ln, Durant Way, Via Recodo, Vista Del Velle, Richardson Way, Dawn Court, Richardson Court, Jean St, Linda Way, Ross Dr, Robin Rd, Starling Court, Starling Rd.
  • • Zone 9 - Shuck Dr, Storer Dr, Topside Way, Villa Laguna, Willis Dr, Judson Ln, Meda Court, Meda Ln, Mission Dr, Oliver Ln, Platt Court, Seminary Cove Dr, Seminary Dr.
  • • SMFD has sponsored 17 small scale chipper days
  • • Total amount of vegetation removed by the chipper program was 155 tons.
  • • Coordinated with Cal Trans for the removal of 3 dead pine trees along Wolf Back Ridge overpass.
  • • Coordinated with Cal Trans for vegetation mitigation along a creek on Loring Avenue and Shoreline.
  • • Removed large Eucalyptus tree on Wellesley Ave, Mill Valley.
  • • Constructed multiple vegetation fuel breaks on Nevada Street, Hawk Hill, and Cypress Ridge.
  • • Provided support neighborhood and open space fuel reduction assessments for the Homestead Valley Land Trust - Wildfire Assessment work-efforts:
  • • Shrub-Brush Fuel Reduction: (10) projects (5-Pixie Trail; 2-Upper Pixie; 2- Amaranth; 1- Edgewood-Sequoia); each project ~ 1-week; $60K spent
  • • Tree Removal: (16) projects w/different scopes (removals of Eucalyptus, Acacia, Cypress, Pines); ~$165,905
  • • Neighborhood Chipper Days: (1) project (Ridgewood Ave-North); participation -10 neighbors; ~$12,000
  • • Provided support funds, $12,000 for TCSD's District-wide chipper event 5/2019
  • • With funds from TCSD’s USFS grant along with funding from SMFD $7,200, removed numerous trees on public land (dead/dying pines on TCSD and Marin County Open Space property)
  • • With funds from TCSD’s USFS grant $6,100, support from Marin County Open Space, and Marinview Community Association, cleared brush and grass on public land (TCSD & Marin County Open Space)
  • • Utilized goats to clear twelve acres of property owned by TCSD, Marin County Open Space and Mill Valley School District. Additional brush removal was conducted utilizing private contractors and the MCFD Tam Crew.
  • • Supported by the MCFD Tam Fire Crew, removed 20 yards of chipped juniper in a roadway median. This is a primary emergency exit for approximately 250 parcels.
  • • Provided a support letter for the Marin County Community Service fund application, for clearing and replanting of the Enterprise Concourse median.
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