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Paved Fuel Reduction Dates For March 2021


The Southern Marin Fire Protection District has made the reduction of flammable vegetation that surrounds us one of its biggest priorities. To that end, The District’s multi-faceted Vegetation Management Program is coming to the following neighborhoods listed below with two primary goals in mind: reduce flammable vegetation and improve access for emergency vehicles, particularly on narrow, windy streets.


With your continued support, we have removed more than 7,100 tons of flammable vegetation from Southern Marin and Mill Valley right of ways and private property. This has not only improved emergency response times, but it has also reduced the number of power outages during winter storms. 


The focus of the Vegetation Management Program in your neighborhood includes: 

·      Pruning trees to maintain emergency vehicle access

·      Removal of all flammable and encroaching vegetation from the roadsides and sidewalks

·      The evaluation of designated parking spots and maintenance on all fire hydrants in the area.

·      Any trees designated for removal will be marked with a red dot.


Please do not pile any vegetation on the roadside for pick up. This project is for street clearing only. 


The following streets are scheduled for vegetation maintenance starting on or around March 8, 2021 in Alto Sutton:

Bay Vista Road

Birdsnest Lane

Bluebird Lane

Central Drive

Creekside Way

Crystal Court

Eagle Rock Road

Grace Lane

Neila Way


The following streets are scheduled for vegetation maintenance starting on or about March 8, 2021 in Mill Valley:  


Bayview Avenue

El Capitan

Fern Canyon Road

Magee Avenue

Marguerite Avenue

Myrtle Avenue

Ralston Avenue          

Summit Ave               

Tamalpais Avenue


If you have any questions regarding this program, concerns about specifically marked trees, or interest in scheduling a Chipper Day, which provides residents the chance to give the dangerous fire fuels they’ve removed from their yards a date with the chipper machine, please contact our Vegetation Management Specialist at 415-730-9048 or e-mail Jesse Figoni at: jfigoni@smfd.org

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