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King Tides for January 11-12, 2021

High Tides for January 8-14, 2021

Living near the ocean we get to enjoy the many things that it has to offer, but we also have to deal with the issues it can bring. One of these issues are the occasionally higher than normal tides, sometimes referred to as “King” Tides. However, as opposed to other natural issues, we know when these high tides will occur far in advance. Check out these expected high tides in the coming month that may impact traffic and parking in flood-prone areas, especially during winter weather. Take note so you don’t end up getting wet by surprise.

Community members should be aware of the following High Tides that may impact low-lying areas in Southern Marin:

1/8/2021 Fri 6:59 AM 6.19 H
1/9/2021 Sat 7:47 AM 6.48 H
1/10/2021 Sun 8:35 AM 6.7 H
1/11/2021 Mon 9:24 AM 6.81 H
1/12/2021 Tue 10:12 AM 6.8 H
1/13/2021 Wed 11:00 AM 6.66 H
1/14/2021 Thu 11:47 AM 6.4 H


Some Tips to Prepare for Flooding:

● Move vehicles to higher ground, especially in flood-prone areas.

● Move items stored in low-lying areas, such as basements or other areas that have flooded in the past.

● Driving through flooded roads is dangerous!

Date 	Day	Time	Pred(Ft)	High/Low1/1/2021	Fri	12:17 PM	6.02	H1/8/2021	Fri	6:59 AM	6.19	H1/9/2021	Sat	7:47 AM	6.48	H1/10/2021	Sun	8:35 AM	6.7	H1/11/2021	Mon	9:24 AM	6.81	H1/12/2021	Tue	10:12 AM	6.8	H1/13/2021	Wed	11:00 AM	6.66	H1/14/2021	Thu	11:47 AM	6.4	H1/15/2021	Fri	12:32 PM	6.01	H1/26/2021	Tue	9:21 AM	6.07	H1/27/2021	Wed	10:03 AM	6.21	H1/28/2021	Thu	10:45 AM	6.29	H1/29/2021	Fri	11:27 AM	6.26	H1/30/2021	Sat	12:11 PM	6.09	H


Date  Day Time Pred(Ft) High/Low
1/1/2021 Fri 12:17 PM 6.02 H
1/8/2021 Fri 6:59 AM 6.19 H
1/9/2021 Sat 7:47 AM 6.48 H
1/10/2021 Sun 8:35 AM 6.7 H
1/11/2021 Mon 9:24 AM 6.81 H
1/12/2021 Tue 10:12 AM 6.8 H
1/13/2021 Wed 11:00 AM 6.66 H
1/14/2021 Thu 11:47 AM 6.4 H
1/15/2021 Fri 12:32 PM 6.01 H
1/26/2021 Tue 9:21 AM 6.07 H
1/27/2021 Wed 10:03 AM 6.21 H
1/28/2021 Thu 10:45 AM 6.29 H
1/29/2021 Fri 11:27 AM 6.26 H
1/30/2021 Sat 12:11 PM 6.09 H

Source: NOAA

Southern Marin Fire Department strongly encourages residents in low-lying areas to prepare for all upcoming high tide events.

Please click here for more information on flooding and storm preparedness.

Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

Do you live in a FEMA designated flood zone? Check out the FEMA Flood Map to find out.


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