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Emergency Response Drill - Save The Date 11/1


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1st, 10:00 AM  


Southern Marin Fire Protection District strongly supports the work of the Tamalpais  Valley Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) Network to organize the community and  strengthen social cohesion in order to improve outcomes in response to disasters and  emergencies such as large-scale earthquakes, wildfires, flooding and even PSPS’s. 

Research shows that preparation and practice are key to increasing resiliency and  surviving emergencies, and that community drills are an essential component this  preparation. 

We encourage all Tam Valley residents to participate in the upcoming NRG Community  Emergency Drill, on Sunday, November 1st at 10:00 am


If you have a Block Captain you will be receiving a two-sided sign, with HELP on one  side and OK on the other side, prior to November 1st.  

At 10:00 am on November 1st, make sure your sign is posted in a visible window, at  your front door or on your front gate – someplace that is easily visible for someone  standing in front of your home. (You can choose whether to post the OK side or the  HELP side.) Your Block Captains will then walk through your neighborhood, and  inventory which homes have OK signs and which have HELP signs. Please remove  your signs after 11:00 am, and place in a safe location for use in the event of a real  emergency. 


If you do not yet have a Block Captain, we still encourage you to participate in the drill.  Use the attached pdfs to make your own sign, or you can use a piece of cardboard,  poster board or other sturdy item to make your sign. 

Before 10:00 am on Sunday, November 1st post your sign in a visible window, at your  front door or on your gate, choosing whether to post the OK side or the HELP side. At  11:00 am, please remove your sign and put it in a safe location for the next drill or for a  real emergency. 

We encourage you to consider being a Block Captain. Learn more at  https://nrgmillvalley.org/ and https://nrgmillvalley.org/mv-nrgs/tam-valley-nrg-network/ and then contact tamvalleynrg@gmail.com to volunteer. 

~ Thank you very much to Martin Konopaski, owner of the UPS Store at Tam Junction,  for his generous help with the cost of printing the 600 HELP/OK signs! ~


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