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Emergency Alerts and Warning Systems Information

Emergency Alerts

Register To Receive Evacuation Notices & Fire Information

During wildfires, Southern Marin residents should be prepared to monitor multiple sources for fire and life safety information.  Emergency managers will use several methods to distribute fire information: Alert Marin, Nixle, Social Media, local TV and radio, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, and NextDoor) are the primary outlets.  Don't neglect to use your own senses - look, listen, and smell for signs of fire and changing conditions!



Southern Marin Fire District & Mill Valley Fire Department:

For future questions/information (non emergency) see SMFD web site: www.smfd.org


SMFD Non-Emergency Line Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm call: 415-388-8182 

For all emergencies call: 9-1-1


Police Department:


City of Sausalito – General Phone Number call: 415-289-4100

Non-Emergency line call: 415-289-4170

For all emergencies call: 9-1-1


City of Mill Valley – General Phone Number call: 415-388-4033

Non-Emergency line call: 415-389-4100

For all emergencies call: 9-1-1


Emergency Alerts 

Nixle: text your zip code to 888-777

How It Is Used: Information notices are sent out via text message.

·       When INFORMATION is needed in a ZIP CODE.

·       Road closures, general updates, issues affecting larger areas.

·       Post-disaster information about shelters, transportation, or supplies.


·       Police activity and general public safety information.


Alert Marin: register now at alertmarin.org

How It Is Used: Emergency Alerts are sent out via phone, text message, email, and app

  • When ACTION is needed at a SPECIFIC ADDRESS
  • Imminent flooding, wildfires, and evacuations with life safety implications
  • During-event information about evacuation routes, shelters, transportation
  • Other public safety incidents where lives may be at risk


Weather Radios:

A NOAA Weather Radio can be an excellent source of information during emergencies. Prices vary from $20 up, depending on the model. Many receivers have an alarm feature, but some may not. 

Local emergency officials can send an evacuation alert through the NOAA Weather Radio system.  This system was used successfully in Sonoma County during the 2019 Kincade Fire. 


Social Media:


Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent sources of public information and may be used during emergencies.  Be sure to follow:

Facebook: @SouthernMarinFire

Twitter: @SMFDInfo

Instagram: @SouthernMarinFire

Linkedin: Southern Marin Fire District

Nextdoor: Southern Marin Fire District

Local TV and Radio:

Monitor local news and radio stations for fire information.  In Marin, AM 740, AM 810, FM 106.9, FM 88.5; are good options.  In West Marin, KWMR FM 90.5 Point Reyes & FM 89.9 Bolinas are excellent local options.  KPIX, KRON, KTVU are good local TV news sources.



Q. Will you notify me every time there is a fire nearby?

A. It’s important to understand that you will NOT receive routine notifications whenever the fire department responds to a fire in your neighborhood.  In most cases, firefighters are able to quickly extinguish fires without the need for evacuations.  Alert Marin will normally be used only when there is threat or need for evacuation, and messages will only be sent to the addresses impacted! 

Nixle and Twitter, as well as local tv and radio, are also good sources for local information, but are NOT the official evacuation notification system in Marin.  Do not rely exclusively on these alternate sources for evacuation information!

Q. How will I know when to evacuate?

A. Sausalito and the City of Mill Valley operates an emergency alert system via numerous channels, including sirens, calls and texts, social media, and working with local TV and radio to amplify messaging. Go to www.alertmarin.org and sign up today. We use these methods to alert community members with real-time information on the disaster, evacuation logistics, shelters, and other information.

However, you do not have to wait for an evacuation order – you may leave well ahead of the danger if you are inclined, and there is no "Shelter in Place" order for your area. This is advised for individuals with special needs that may require extra time and special assistance.

Q. Where should I go?

A. Where to evacuate will depend on the disaster and a myriad of circumstances that may impact your area, such as the wind, weather, road access, and other factors. Southern Marin Fire District recommend that you “Know Two Ways Out” and identify not only your primary evacuation route, but alternative routes as well. The evacuation maps in this email will show you roads, paths, and other routes to get away from danger to a nearby Temporary Community Refuge Area. If you are evacuating, Public Safety officials recommend that you:

  1. GO to safety at a Temporary Community Refuge Area.
  2. WAIT for the danger to pass.
  3. LISTEN for instructions from the authorities.


Q. Where Can I can my evacuation map?

A. You can download your area’s evacuation map on one of the links below. Please remember that Southern Marin Fire District recommends that you “Know Two Ways Out,” and identify not only your primary evacuation route, but alternative routes as well.

Evacuation Map Links


Q. What is a Temporary Community Refuge Area?

A. Community Refuge Areas are locations throughout Sausalito and Mill Valley which have minimal vegetation and wide expanses of paved or well irrigated and mowed grassy areas, such as Dunphy Park in Sausalito, and Mill Valley Golf Course in Mill Valley. The evacuation maps indicate where these areas exist in your neighborhood.

Q. What can I do to prepare?
A. Here are some next steps to feel prepared for any emergency disaster:


  • After signing yourself up, sign up friends and family for emergency alerts from Nixle and AlertMarin.
  • Pack a “Grab and Go Bag” for yourself and everyone in your family – including your pets.
  • Discuss your primary and alternative evacuation routes and potential Community Refuge Areas with your family.
  • Practice evacuating and get acquainted with the routes.
  • Take time to go over your evacuation map (downloads are available here) and contact us if you have any questions.
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